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About TranscriptsZone

TranscriptsZone is a start-up company which adopts a systematic process of procuring transcripts.

Our mission statement is "Getting transcripts made fast and simple -just like that!"

Transcript/s from a university is required for various reasons viz., admission to higher education, employment or immigration. Getting transcripts from an Indian university is a big challenge for Non-Resident Indians as well as Indians whose current location is different from that of the university from where they have studied.

The possible solutions they currently have include:

  • Scramble through the internet/blogs to identify the documents needed by their college/university.
  • The authorized person will have to make multiple trips to college, stand in long queues awaiting their turn and go through repetitive regression cycles to provide required information and documents, get correct format etc. which takes a lot of time and energy and leads to frustration.
  • All of the above options are neither efficient nor secure.