Transcript FAQs

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Transcript is a record of a student’s marks or grades obtained by him during his studies at an educational institution. It is officially signed and sealed by the authorities of the concerned college or education institute or must be authorized by registrar.

Note: Do not confuse Transcript to be a consolidated statement of marks-sheet
The delivery time of the transcript entirely depends on the processing time of individual college/ university. The processing time involves evaluation and processing of the application received which depends on the manpower and the technology existing in the particular college/ university. So, it is difficult to determine the exact time period. Nevertheless, it can take anywhere between one week to four weeks to acquire transcripts from a university.
All the transcripts shall necessarily bear the signature and seal of the authorized official/s of the educational institution or the registrar on the reverse side of the envelope.
Documents required by the concerned university/ college differ as per their individual norms and requirements. In most cases following documents are requested by the institutions: :
  • * Scanned copies of marks sheet and degree.
  • * Scanned copies of request letter for transcripts.
  • * Scanned copy of self-attested photo ID proof.
Yes, we may consolidate orders for two or more transcripts and ship them together as per your requirement.
Yes, we also provide facility to get your transcript shipped to WES. For this purpose, please enter WES reference number and WES address.

Shipping Details

We do not charge extra fee for the change in shipping address.
If the shipping address is changed from Domestic to International, the charge is as per invoice/bill of Courier Service.
If the shipping address is changed from International to Domestic, the balance amount will be reimbursed within 5 days. Send a mail to support@transcriptzone, as per below format:
Put a heading as ‘Change of shipping address.’
Application ID number:-
University Name:-
New Shipping Address:-
International shipping fee entirely depends on the country of shipping.
You can pay once the invoice/ bill is generated by the courier service.
The approximate shipping fee is mentioned while collecting the university fees, so you also have an option of paying for the shipping charges along with the university fee.

How It Works

  • The processing at our end will start as soon as you place an order or complete the application process. You will receive a mail or/ and a call from our support team within a short time of your application.
  • The support team will inform you in detail about the list of documents required for the purpose of acquiring transcript and the fee structure. An invoice will be then generated in your name as per the requirements of the concerned university / institute.
  • Once the formalities are done at our end, for which you don’t have to worry, we will submit your application to the concerned authorities of the college/ university for which the transcript needs to be procured.
  • We believe in maintaining utmost transparency and thereby we will mail you the soft copy of the fee receipt.
  • Our representative will regularly follow-up with the application and will keep you updated about the status twice a week.
  • Please click here to check the status of your application

  • Once the transcript is collected from the concerned university/institute authorities in a sealed envelope, our support team will re-confirm your shipping address.

WES Evaluation

1) Check the list of documents required for evaluation Check here

2) Create an Account with WES. Click here to create account

  • Enter all the relevant details, such as education background, evaluation degree & personal information.
  • Pay the service fee.
  • Choose local or international courier for shipping transcript.
  • After completing the online evaluation form, click on Submit.

3) You will get a 7 digit reference number. WES identifies your document based on this reference number and for further communication with WES. This reference number is also used for getting your transcript from the concerned university/ institute.

4) You have to send official transcript from the university in which you have completed your education. This is where TranscriptZone will help out

Our assistance to you

1) Go to TranscriptZone Apply web page and enter the relevant details. www.transcriptzone.com

2) Our support team will contact and send the list of documents required for the purpose, such as degree certificate, mark sheets, request letter and WES form. Attach all the computerized (??) scanned copies and send it to support@transcriptzone.com with your application ID number.

3) Download the Academic Record Request Form from the WES website. Fill in the relevant details and sign in blue pen.

4) You can check the status of your application any time on our Application Status page.

5) After transcript is collected from the university, you will receive a confirmation shipping mail from TranscriptsZone indicating that your transcript envelope has been handed over to a courier agency for delivery. The courier bill will be shared with you.

6) When credential evaluator receive your documents they will send a confirmation email & after completion of evaluation you will receive an email notification from the credential evaluation agency